1. H

    Domain Registrar Settings

    Hi, i have one question, how i attach existing domain to my registrar... there is a line coming "There isn't a domain plugin associated to this package." and showing " Type: Host-Managed" while with same settings some domains are attached, Synced may be i am missing something. Any Help is...
  2. J

    Hexonet integration

    Please can you consider hexonet integration for domains please?
  3. G

    Domain is already registered?

    Hi, I'm adding a .pe and domain to sell but when someone wanna buy it using your system show this message: "Sorry, is already registered" it can't detect if a domain is free or purchased, I use other script that works so you can verify that is using this parameters...
  4. hadi

    custom field for specific domain extension

    Hello, As you know some domain extensions need some custom fields to fill before registration. These fields are different ; Would you please add Custom fields for specific domain extensions? We do not intend to have these custom fields for group types and specifically for each extension. For...
  5. hadi

    filter/search Domain Package List

    Hello, Please add domain search filter in Domain Package List Currently we should review multiple pages for find a domain while review DomainList ; Thanks
  6. wkhaksar

    Support for ccTLD Domain Names

    Hi, If you can see there are a lot of ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains) governed by CoCCA Registry. For WHMCS they have a module which can handle everything needed for domain names. Under CoCCA there are more than 90 countries & top level domains. So, I am requesting if CE can develop a...