1. GeniusPlugin

    Reseller White Label Firewall

    Generate a fast, recurring and automatic profit with Your Own Branded Firewall Service on Clientexec Seamlessly integrate your branded Firewall service on Clientexec to unlock an endless revenue stream. Sell website security firewalls tailored for WordPress, Joomla, and more at your preferred...
  2. sbr059

    WordPress header and footer

    Hello Is there any way to include WordPress header and footer in ClientExec client area? I think after clicking on order from main site if they saw different looks they could feel confuse. Thanks
  3. Z

    Clientexex Plugin for WordPress

    My website is built on WordPress and I want to use Clientexec with my website but I couldn't find if it works with WordPress or not because I am using Cloudways hosting and couldn't find it there, Please can you help me in configuring Clientexec with my WordPress website?