Add Domain to cart button not showing up


New Member
Hello everyone,

I'm working on my new solution using clientexec.

Yesterday, everything was working correctly, I could add domains to the package and everything was fine.

Today, another test, and the buttons are gone :-( :domain.jpg

As you can see, I cannot continue.
I'm using resellerclub, my account as balance and like I said, it was working fine yesterday before I go to sleep...
I tried register, transfert, I tried as a new customer and as admin, I tried to get the domain by adding it to the host package or just buy one seperatly but nothing changes...

If anyone knows anything, I would love to have a piece of your knowledge !

I haven't seen that happen before.

Can you open a support ticket with us and include CE Admin and FTP access so we can take a look at what's going on?