Addons for a package


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So if i add addons such as for example backups etc. they get added to the entire group and all users on that plan get the addon added - example none for 0 $ etc. I am not sure if that's right ?

For me, if i were to addon a product or item to my order it should only then appear in my billing area, otherwise it should not have $0 - none listed as an addon. Not sure if there is a fix for this or a way to remove this ? It also confuses other clients who might be on same package/plan and all the sudden see the addon of none added .

What is the proper way to provide addons for clients so it appends to their bill and if they do not make the entire payment for the month including the addon the site gets suspended ? Just cannot figure out this addon piece.
Sorry still confused, which option to choose, I want this option :

If you DO NO want the customer to see the addon option in every invoice even if free (Price 0.00) then do what ?

Is it to have field/row called None with 0 value set to Month column ?
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