Connection error with CWP (centos web panel)


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I have a server setup on my VPS CWP Site
I have done all the product creation on both sides etc
I have added the API and all server information
The test connection fails
And when I order the product it it completes on clientexec but on on the WCP server (due to the error I presume)
When I look at the order I get an error from the CWP side
"CWP connection error: Failed connect to; Connection refused"

Previous to this order I got a port number error which I fixed in the VPS root admin
Is the a problem with CWP or clientexec
Anyone aware of this issue or how to fix?

If is the proper domain of your control panel, then something isn't setup properly, as you can not connect to that domain + port.

This would indicate a problem with your control panel setup.