Coupon Code in URL

One last thing the coupon discount is applied on the final checkout page whereas the product link with couponcode string embedded first takes to the product catalog where actual pricing is reflected and then to the configuration page after which the check out page comes where the actual discounted price is shown.
So on the initial page client will see the full price which I think can make them believe that no discount is applied as they would have to go two pages further to see if it was actually applied. Is there a way around to cater this problem?
Yes, I see this issue recently when some clients asked me why the price didn't change with the coupon code ;
I asked them to continue next step to see the final price ;
This is something we are aware of, and are planning to fix either during the new client area (for 6.4) or after.
this issue is still pending with ver 6.4 and creates a lot of confusion for new customer often leading to abandon sales. It's just a matter of few codes to show discounted price on the initial order page instead of final page.