Customize Colors


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I would at the very least like to change the color scheme of the new client area in 6.4.1. is there an easy way to do this. I have copied the default folder and changes some items in the css file but the client area does not reflect the color changes.

Just identify the css element under your browser's code view. Then simply go to customize html under CE and change the color of that element enclosed under style tags. You can use !important narration of some other css command is overriding it.
The best way right now would be as @Waqass suggested, to create a separate style sheet and override as needed.

We're working on a better solution for a future release.

We've also switched to webpack/mix for generating minified styles and javascript, so that's likely why your changes did not work. We're working on better documentation and I'll be sure to get this added to our customizations section.
Hopefully this comment will come in handy. I have pretty much changed all of the colors, menu, images, etc. I have a pretty customized layout or i would just provide the css for the whole page (it would mess some up because my container is different and smaller). It would be a pain anyway because a lot of it is just for some external pages of mine. Anyway, for some of the images CE uses, you can apply a filter to make them appear a different color. This is a little complicated, but you can find some help online to help you generate something close. Images like the ones found in /templates/default/images/main-boxes/ or in templates/default/images/signup, here is my css "filter: saturate(99%) hue-rotate(-44deg) brightness(92%);" to give it a green/teal filter that matches my logo instead of the blue CE uses. Like i said, some generators found online can help you find something close to what you want and generate the css (although i did adjust these numbers slightly depending on the image). You could of course use some filter in photoshop to just make new images, but this seemed like an easy way to keep it upgrade friendly. In the future i would like it if CE used a custom font to provide the vector for every icon used and make it simpler for us to customize the color.
CE won't let me post the link, search for a stack overflow answer how-to-calculate-required-hue-rotate-to-generate-specific-colour <-- basically you want to start with the value of CE's blue image and then what you want to calculate the answer. As I said, depending on the image and the white space around it, i found it actually looked better to change these values slightly and didn't necessarily use the same filter values for each instance.