Customize Colors


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I would at the very least like to change the color scheme of the new client area in 6.4.1. is there an easy way to do this. I have copied the default folder and changes some items in the css file but the client area does not reflect the color changes.



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Just identify the css element under your browser's code view. Then simply go to customize html under CE and change the color of that element enclosed under style tags. You can use !important narration of some other css command is overriding it.


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The best way right now would be as @Waqass suggested, to create a separate style sheet and override as needed.

We're working on a better solution for a future release.

We've also switched to webpack/mix for generating minified styles and javascript, so that's likely why your changes did not work. We're working on better documentation and I'll be sure to get this added to our customizations section.