Email verification system


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Hello, I was thinking of buying clientexec but I did some research and found out that the system doesn't even have an email verification feature for users. The support team said that this feature will not be added before version 7.1.

Verification methods such as e-mail and sms are simple security measures. It prevents fake users from registering. It also prevents anyone else from using your email address. This is important. Because we use these users' email addresses for promotions and we want to make sure they are real people.

For example, while I was a member of this forum, I was asked to verify my e-mail address. If this feature is not important, why is e-mail verification requested in the forum?

Security features like validation are more important than design. Please take this into consideration.
Thank you.


I found the Clientexec right now works in another way.

Scenario 01: When someone tries to create an account, the system sends a confirmation link to the new client's email address. An auto-generated password is sent if they enter the link through a browser. Otherwise, the profile shows "pending". This process happens when someone directly hits the signup option without ordering any package.

Scenario 02: Here is another way the Clientexec works. No confirmation link is sent when anyone tries to sign up with a package order. But, the profile shows pending there also. But, when the admin approves the order, the profile also gets activated.

These are the two ways Clientexec is currently working. It's sometimes confusing for the customers. Because nowadays, the maximum number of online systems works with authentication systems only.

For scenario 02, by chance, if a client creates an account with a wrong email address, it will be hard to find out what's wrong going on.

Furthermore, no authentication mail is sent right now if someone tries to change their email address. It's a heartbroken matter.

I hope it'll not go so far that the changes will happen. I cannot ignore one thing: the developers are very user-friendly. They listen to us & respond to us. Even it has never happened that I asked for any help and they ignored me. The best way to reach them is to create a support ticket. After ending the period of support time, I got their help. After all, it made me happy.