Not A Bug Facing issue while configuring SMTP


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I tried to set the SMTP in Mail Configuration. After that when I click on Test Configuration it stuck on that page and do nothing. After reloading the page instantly, it showed 524 error. I checked the error log and found the below reports.

2020-12-04 05:16:31.013341 [INFO] [8359] [<main domain>:443] File not found [/home/<username>/public_html/503.shtml]
2020-12-04 05:16:30.003837 [INFO] [8359] [<subdomain>:443] File not found [/home/<username>/public_html/<clientexec installation directory>/503.shtml]

I searched on google about fixing the issue. But most of them are the related solution for WordPress. I don't know the proper solution for this error. If someone knows please help me to figure it out.

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Thank you so much. The error is only for the 465 port. everything is fine with 587 port. I'll try to debug.