Invalid license for domain


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We have a owned licence and have been using clientexec for over 10 years but when we go to log in today we receive the

Invalid license for domain error screen​

In our clientexec account it says our licence is valid and active

Please allow me to sincerely apologize for the license outage today. We do take uptime very seriously and have never had such an outage like this in our history.

Our team was made aware of the licensing outage this morning and quickly jumped into action to identify and resolve the issue. This has since been done and turned out to be a bug in our licensing system that resulted in valid licenses appearing as trial licenses and thus was erroring out.

Prior to the fix being deployed, you may have experienced an invalid license page when trying to access the Clientexec admin area. It is important to note that your clients would not have seen this error page and would have been able to log into their accounts as normal.

In the future, please open a support ticket for any license issues you run into, so they can be properly debugged.

I am also getting the same error during login i.e. `Invalid license for domain ` for the latest version(6.6.1) in my cPanel server. How to debug or bypass this error?