Is There Any SKU system in CE for Managing Bare Metal Servers!


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We sell dedicated servers which have specific ips and specs as each one is unique. How can this be managed under CE. I don't see any SKU field. The generic product name creates confusion for bare metal servers as they have more information to them and for each client we need to tag a specific server instead of a generic dedicated server.
The custom fields are set group wise and not product wise. I have to fill up the custom fields details each time I assign a dedicated server to client. For instance I want to setup the custom field of Primary IP and its unique to each dedicated server. I created a product Dedi-123 and its primary ip is So each time I assign a server to a new client I have to fill up the primary ip and other constant details against that server to be reflected under the client's portal list despite that its the same server Dedi-123 which is just now assigned to an another client. There is no change in information under custom fields but it has to be filled up again for the new user. Isn't there any way I can append fixed details of a dedicated server like disk space, ip, ram etc which will show under the clients portal once a specifice dedicated server product is added to client.