New Report Plugins installation


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I found new Report Plugins not working like other Clientexec plugins for installation.
In other part of clientexec when we develop new plugins and add into the ce we can see it's available and ready to use ;
but for Report Plugins there is limitation and it's not listed in menu and report lists;
In general we should be able to add directory like other types of plugin and it itself add plugin with new name in Report Menu.

I have tested this with new directory with new report plugin.
Please consider this ;
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We only have support for the 5 "types" of reports, and that would require a rewrite of how the reports system works to allow for additional types.

You should be able to add any report file/class in the already existing directories, and they appear. If they do not appear in the top menu, you'll need to log out and back in, to force the menu cache to reset.
I will solve this issue by coping files in those directories but I think it's not bad consider this and make report plugins like other type of CE plugins in future;
Thank you for quick response.