No Changes in the report for using a different currency


Before we used BDT. as currency to maintain billing for our clients. Due to the unstable dollar rate compared to BDT. we decided to convert the product's price to USD. We set the rate in USD for a few products. We already billed a few invoices.

The issue is with the reports generated by Clientexec. The report shows the same value of BDT as the USD currency sign. But, it's totally meaningless right now as the value of USD and BDT are not equal.

I try to fix the issue by changing the rate of BDT for USD (by setting USD as default) from phpmyadmin following your instruction. (ref. But, it's not being fixed. How to fix this issue? Please help me. Otherwise, it'll be difficult to measure the progress of earnings or calculate the right result.

I also tried to show BDT currency to my client by using <orderlink>?currency=bdt (ref. It's not working also. How to make it workable?

Thank you so much.