PHP 8.2.x support?


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ionCube 13.0.2 support PHP 8.2.x, tried it and Clientexec gave a 500 Server Error, went back to PHP 8.1.x and all is fine.

Just curious if there is PPH 8.2 support coming, or if it will wait for ionCube to support PHP 8.3, and skip 8.2?
While we do not officially support PHP 8.2 yet, our 6.7.0 release did add PHP 8.2 beta support.

Please feel free to reach out via a support ticket so we can investigate this.
Just built the new PHP 8.2.13 with ionCube 13.0.2, and it's working with 6.7.1.

Maybe it was a hiccup with 8.2.11 & 6.7.0