SMS Notifications


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I hope you all are having a great day. I've been noticing with certain clients I'm having to follow up with them around their invoices. Are their plans to have a SMS features added to CE? It would be great if our clients could be notified of billing inquiries/reminders in addition to email notifications.

I've searched the threads and SMS doesn't appear to be listed already, so maybe this is the first feature request for it.

Thanks for all you all do!
Clientexec has event handler ; we have created a small snapin to check events and connected this snapin to our own sms center;

I think it's better clientexec extends the list of events;
Thanks @hadi for the info! I'm not familiar with creating sanpins though. I guess this was a feature request around getting something set up for us to use/configure on the front end some how.

How do you Get the Users Phone number in the snapin ?
I am currently directly querying the database.