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I'm new to vps and clientexec

I have a vps account with solusvm and centos7
I have a shared reseller cpanel/whm account and clientexec
Very high level:
I add the vps server,
I create a new product with solusvm as the module type
If i get an order for a vps account, what is actually created and where
Is another solusvm account created, in other words, is the solusvm virtualized?
or does it create a cpanel account or...
exactly what happens?
I understand I can add CWP to the vps account and do it that way, but want the least amount of working parts
Just want to know about the solusvm

If you decided to sell shared cpanel account ; you should install cpanel on it ;
after that you can add details of this server with cpanel server plugin and sell your packages using CE
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