Style Customization


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I wanted to customize the css and styling of the CE at my own, but I am afraid it will be lost in next upgrade. So what is the right way to customize the look and styling of the CE? How should we bring changes to the css file? We need a proper way of customization which shouldn't be affected by new upgrades in the future.

Any help on this would be appreciated.
Something we do here ;
1) we have copied client portal template to new one for ourself
2) we customized this and copy this to any new version we install
3) If any change happened to template Matt update us on changelog and we make change on our template;
Thank you
That is the way on which we should modify the source code (CE Core), There wouldn't be any way of additional CSS or just one CSS file which we can modify?
If Matt knows a better way of customization or applying custom CSS on CE. To be honest, personally I didn't like the current design of the CE Client Portal, I want to add more styling on it for Menus, Tickets, Forms and much more. I am okay with the admin portion of the CE.

The best way is how Hadi mentioned.

Create a new template directory and copy over any file you need to modify. Any file you don't copy over will get loaded from the default template, so this makes upgrades easier (you only need to worry about files you've modified).

If it would make things easier, we can also publish the default template on GitHub, which will allow you to see any changes we make to all the template files with each version.