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Hello, I currently use Virtualizor for my dedicated server and my main VPS for my customers is using WHM. Is there a way that I can run a test to make sure everything will work BEFORE fully installing it and making my customers use it? I do not want to just install it and and problems arise and my customers start complaining.


Yes, Clientexec is still being maintained. These are community-based forums. If you require answers from staff, please open a support ticket.

Your best bet is to utilize our 30 day free trial, to install and configure Clientexec, and then run through the system pretending you are a client, to order a new package, pay for it, etc to ensure everything is working.

We also offer a configuration service to get you up and running, simply open a support ticket for more information on this.
Thanks! I forgot about how these forums are run. Sorry!

I assumed I'd have to do something like that to test it but wanted to be sure before I got myself into trouble. LOL

Thanks, again! :)