Planned Two Factor Authentication for Client's ID



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Please add MFA to CE login, for those wanting extra security. Admin accounts especially, maybe have an option to force this for any support/staff who might have admin access so their accounts don't get used to terminate/remove accounts by unwanted and unauthorized users.



Nowaday, the most popular security feature in every digital platform is the Two Factor Authentication. The work is simple! Just need one time secured code before trying to login own account. The system will generate random code and send it to the user's (who will enable this feature for his/her account) email address or phone number. Maybe sometimes, more than one security codes can be ganarated randomly and reserved for one time use.

This feature can help to prevent the access of account from unwanted person in the Internet world even after exposing the account's password.

So, please consider this feature to release in future update. Thanks for your dedicated support.


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Would love to know when this is getting released. Google 2FA would be amazing, and if we could require it for admins or certain roles.


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I recommend Google Authenticator and SMS verification.
I feel like the SMS verification would require a direct connection to either a third party SMS API which would increase your operational cost or CE would have to integrate a centralized SMS system and would probably be charged to us a "premium" plugin.