1. shanehicks

    Taxes Round Down Rather than Up

    I cannot speak for other currencies but In USD our change uses a 2-digit amount. I've noticed that when I calculate the tax portion. I manually ran this payment and recorded it from a Stripe Invoice which rounded up taxes to the nearest whole cent ($10.13). Because of this, payments created a...
  2. hadi

    New type of invoice named proforma

    Hello Now we have two types of invoice and drafts. Could we have a new type of named proforma ? This is useful when we want create custom prices and send proforma for clients. It should have custom pdf format. Thanks
  3. hadi

    different pdf template for Invoice and Draft

    It will be good if we have a different PDF format for draft and invoice. currently we can only define the pdf template which applies for both files( invoice and draft ). as we use draft invoices for proforma we need to have different formats for pdf. Thanks
  4. hadi

    send invoice to someone else

    Hello In some cases we need to send one or more invoice/receipt to someone else ( not registered in clientexec ) Please add send under invoice list. We can select and send and invoice/receipt or draft to someone else ( for example our staff ) Thanks