1. sitepape

    Telegram Notification Addon @ 9$ only

    Hello Members, I have developed a Telegram Notification Snapin for ClientExec. Which gives notifications on all the major things like: Ticket, Invoice & orders. Features: Notifications on: Ticket Creation New Invoices New Orders Invoice Payments Ticket Reply Instant Notification Regular...
  2. Goldwing

    Notification When a Client registers without an order.

    Still on the hosted trail and after many years on WHMCS, moving to Clientexec and so far loving the system and the awesome help from Matt. Would be nice to have an notification sent when a client registers using the register link at /index.php?fuse=home&view=register Maybe an automation that...
  3. hadi

    2 feature in Notification Center

    Hello Please consider two features in Notification Center. 1) Action: None Because maybe we don't want to send an email or open a support ticket 2) Action: Send Email to Staff ( Edit box to add staff emails ) We need to notify staff of a specific situation. Thanks