BTCPayServer Integration


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Hello ClientExec Community. I'd like to share my recommendation about a new feature.
There are already integrations for several payment gateways, but I believe that you should consider adding BTCPayServer for cryptocurrency processing.

This open source project is meant to autonomously collect and process cryptocurrency payments, without any fee. The (main) concept is setting up a VPS where a pruned node will be running and be used to create/track invoices for customers. It will check invoices status, mark them as paid/expired and deliver status codes using its API/Webhooks. Depending on the status of a given invoice, linked order status will change and order details will eventually be delivered to the final customer.

No need for KYC
No processing fees
Unique monthly/yearly VPS cost that can be easily taken into accounting.
Extremely easy setup with few command lines explained in noob friendly tutorials like these:

The only requirement is finding a VPS with decent specs and price but, given that hosting is our niche, getting a suitable VPS is not a problem.

Personally I have a 4GB RAM / 3vCPU VPS with 45 GB SSD Storage that I use to run BTCPayServer. It is enough to run 3 pruned nodes for different coins, but given that BTCPayServer is expanding since years, there are also several plugins to process whatever coin, allowing customer to perform a real time exchange (let's say customer has BCH but we accept either BTC or LTC) while he's paying the invoice so that we receive only selected coins (BTC or LTC). This is done with FixedFloat or SideShift plugins.

I have no other fees on received payments and I really miss that ClientExec doesn't (still) support it. I don't recommend using CoinPayments/BitPay or similar services that charge a fee to process payments when there's a cheaper and much more reliable alternative, given that BTCPayServer provides true control on our own business.

Hopefully you will like this suggestion and take it into consideration for the upcoming ClientExec versions.