cPanel Price Increases


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Sure, I have used Hosting Controller since the early 2000's. It handles provisioning of hosting and other services via a console "similar to cPanel but I find it easier to use". It has many modules you can add to it. I currently use the shared hosting module but you can add just about anything from AWS / AZURE management, all Microsoft SAAS and Exchange Application management etc.. It works on Windows Server and multiple flavors of UNIX/Linux all at the same time. A server is a server to this product and there is an appropriate agent to manage and provision from within each OS Type. It's a solid product and they do an awesome job of support for as long as I have owned the product. It is also a .NET code base for the controller part which makes it completely different from all the PHP systems out there and super fast / secure.

Like most hosting / provisioning system they do a very bad job of sales , marketing and billing for your business so that is why I worked with Matt and got Hosting Controller integrated and working well here. Clientexec handles sales, carting, billing and most notifications and HC handles the delivery of those purchased services that require hosting.

You can check out for yourself. I tried adding a list of items but the forums thought I was a spammer haha :) probably need to go to there yourself.

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