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Please let me know if some of these features are already implemented or maybe I'm just not using them correctly.

1. Invoice - Save Checking
- I have backed out of a custom invoice several times thinking the fields auto saved and lost my entire invoice. Some larger invoices can take up to an hour for me to build. As I submit quotes per job in the form of an invoice. "or at least add a save check."

2. WooCommerce Intergration. As I sell products in shop and online not having an intergration with woocommerce/wordpress I will end up with multiple carts. Which is going to be really confusing for customers, 1 cart "CE" will be for online hosting services but then if they go to order say a device or piece of hardware be directed to another shopping cart.

3. Manually Creating Customers and Sending Invoices.
- I manually enter customers for my local business. So there billing method doesn't always apply. Seems everything is focused on at signup and gateway/processor. I would like to be able to have some flexibility when clicking "Send Invoice" that I'm able to select what type of invoice or have send invoice pull from a more accurate database of "Client Type" This would allow me to more accurately specify the type of client for example, Online Services, Local, Products, In Shop Sales, whatever.

3c. Modifying Client Statuses, there is no real way to customize statuses for offline or local business customers.

4. Email Templates - The Tags quicklink only shows in the default templates it's not visible in a custom template.

5. Product Addons - Maybe I missed this, but how do we specify information for a product addon? Example Domain Privacy. Only thing I see is a radio button and no real way to specify information for the customer on what "Domain Privacy is"

6. Domain Whois and Domain Checking Script. I Found the script that was uploaded in 2018 but it's not functioning correctly. I've added it as a seperate page outside of Wordpress and Within Wordpress still the same result it doesn't return any values.

7. Invoices - If there are too many rows of data in an invoice it shrinks the text to where it's almost unreadable instead of creating another row below the field I.E
- 1
- 2
- 3

Too many entries will shrink the text beyond reading instead of replicate the table heading data and put it on a seperate row maybe. I've had a few customers not know they could change the view size of their pdf's.
In order to better gauge community interest and address each item clearly, can you please create a separate thread per each request.
Not open for further replies.