Hourly Billing Option

Still stuck on this. Virtualizor offers hourly billing in their panel. Being able to do that in a single place with Clientexec would be fantastic. Not to mention it would also allow Proxmox/Solus users the same functionality.
I decided to write you all a poem...

"Each day I check this forum.
Hoping you will foresee my boredom.

For I dream of hourly billing,
even if it cost a shilling.

The future does look bright.
But only if you accept my plight."

Please, hold your applause. . . I'm just a simple man, who is without hourly billing. One can just dream... lol
The hourly billing cycle is a very important feature.. Specially for VPS and Dedicated servers ,

Hope to see it in next release!
Billing by the day doesn't work properly. If you bill for 1 day its hours left of the day + 24 hours. I think some of the problem is all their notification jobs etc work by running once a day so it need serious changes.