!Important!: Domain Reseller API and module


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Any domain registrar need this module to let his reseller register domains using available funds automatically via API or generated Clientexec module that they can download from reseller panel.

Module fonctions

  • The reseller use the funds on his account as funding source.
  • the reseller can check the API documentation or download or generated Clientexec reseller module
  • Create an unlimited reseller groups
  • Create unlimited resellers!
  • Ability to upgrade / downgrade a reseller to a group based on number of active domains
  • WHOIS service that gives the ability to display the availability of domain names to Reseller's ClientExec!
  • Domain Registration (with domain owner, the contact details from reseller customer!)
  • Domain Transfer
  • Domain Renew
  • Display Domain Nameservers (ns1-ns4)
  • Save/ Change domain nameservers (ns1-ns4)
  • Display/ send the domain eppcode
  • Domain Lock (only for com, net, org etc)
  • Display Contact Details from Owner(Registrant) / Admin / Tech
  • Change the Contact Details from Owner(Registrant) / Admin / Tech
  • On domain registration supports the transfer of required additional domain fields to seller's Clientexec
  • Internal Domain Transfer reseller to reseller
  • E-mail notifications about the order status, low credit balance with your company logo!
  • Secure (Authentication with IP, DOMAIN , SeckretKey and API access is allowed only to your server IP)
Yes it will be a good news if those functionalities are available in the future upgrade or in next v7 version.
The full package of the Domain Management system! If the developer team of registrars will work with the Clientexec team then it'll be easier to develop and maintain in future.