Login Page Extra Security


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Okay I worked it out, might help others if they are looking for something like this

- I am using this Theme for Clientexec ( NuHost) From "clientexecintegrations.com"

- Got the some help from here for the code "magento.stackexchange.com/questions/332926/how-to-use-google-recaptcha-in-my-custom-form"

- Edited these files "clientexec/templates/nuhostCE/views/home/indexpublic/login.phtml" + "clientexec/templates/nuhostCE/index.phtml"


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Hi there,

Captcha on the login page has been introduced in 6.5.0. This should be hitting stable later this coming week.

We have an open request to implement 2FA as well, however I do not currently have an ETA for this.