1. GeniusPlugin

    Clientexec Security Best Website Firewall

    Unlike any other firewall, Genius Plugin offers the best website firewall protection without the need for complex server, proxy, or DNS changes. Hosted as a SaaS and multi-cloud solution, it stands apart by not residing on your website, ensuring an elusive omnipresence across multiple cloud...
  2. GeniusPlugin

    Reseller White Label Firewall

    Generate a fast, recurring and automatic profit with Your Own Branded Firewall Service on Clientexec Seamlessly integrate your branded Firewall service on Clientexec to unlock an endless revenue stream. Sell website security firewalls tailored for WordPress, Joomla, and more at your preferred...
  3. C

    Completed NEW! Cloudflare Turnstile Frictionless CAPTCHA

    Cloudflare now offers its own CAPTCHA, named Turnstile, after promoting hCAPTCHA. One of the significant drawbacks of CAPTCHA is the injection of friction into the user experience on a web page affecting conversion rates. Cloudflare Turnstile addresses this issue by drawing on its massive...
  4. M

    Login Page Extra Security

    Is there a way to make the client login page more secure with Captcha or 2Auth or other means?
  5. C

    Completed Add hCaptcha as a Security Option

    Please consider replacing or adding the option for hCaptcha which reduces Google's collection of web traffic for those that don't want them to have it, plus hCaptcha is more refined. Cloudflare switched to hCaptcha for better performance.