Need to optimize order Form


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It's a serious issue, we are facing for our new clients. The new users cannot understand how to order a hosting package with a domain name because it's related to collecting orders.

At present, the customer needs to order the hosting package first and then the new domain name. But, if any customer wants to order the domain & hosting package through the searching domain name first then the scenario goes to a complex way where most of them get confused.

Suppose, a customer wants to order a domain name & a hosting package. Now, first, he wants to check the domain name for its availability. When he gets his expected domain name, he hits the add to cart & also the continue button which moves him to the checkout page. At this point, some customers get confused & ask us about the process. If some of them find the Continue button on the checkout page, then they hit that button and order the hosting package. This time, they discovered the domain registration tab again! Again they get confused! We found many orders with double domain registration. Some of our customers request us to take orders from the backend.

Please optimize the way of getting orders.