Registrars Plugin


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Hi Everyone,

New to Clientexec and have come to few major issues in relation to modules specially.

I did a lot of research and found Clientexec to be more responsible in terms of providing after sale service, but that did not help the situation I am in now. I though there would be a Registrars Plugins for TPP Wholesale which is one of the major domain provider here in AU.

Looked at the sample plugin too, but it is beyond me. Has anyone have any idea where I should go from here as I feel like I really have hit the wall and can not use this software.


Can you try the PlanetDomain Registrar in Clientexec? I believe this is the same as TTP Wholesale.
I am not sure how to thank you. I been looking for this for a month and was also told to set on up using the sample plugin for registrars It is working to the extend that I tested it. Much appreciated.