Requesting Alfa Payment Gateway


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They support easy documentation. A script is ready. API available. Woocommerce, Magneto, Prestashop, opencart, magneto plugin available.
For credit card they just need a return url and listener url to be added.
Here is code URL

Someone is already using this payment processor with WHMCS.

can It be used with generic credit card payment processor.

Alfa Wallet REST API (Redirection also supported)
Alfalah Bank Accounts REST API (Redirection also supported)
Credit/Debit Card Redirection

I can also provide details for my sandbox and merchant account.


  • APG Merchant Integration Guide v1.1.PDF
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I cant seem to share codeshare link

HTML: Below code is executable. Copy this code and execute it on your website
Integrate with specific payment mode by passing following values in TransactionTypeId parameter
Payment Method: Value
Alfa Wallet: < option value="1">Alfa Wallet < / option>
Alfa BankAccount : < option value="2">Alfalah Bank Account < / option>
Credit/Debit Card: < option value="3">Credit/Debit Card < / option>
ALL Payment Modes: Keep this value empty