Planned Skip Button on Additional Bundled Products Page



Thank you so much for the 6.4.1 release with a fresh & clean UI. This feature is related to optimize the order page.
On the configuration page of the Shared Web Hosting package, an option called Include Additional Bundled Products can be found. With the help of this option, we can offer two packages.
  1. Domain Products
  2. SSL Certificates
As they are the additional packages, we can offer those packages on the order page to purchase. We cannot force them to purchase. Besides, offering other packages to any package can take an impact to increase sales.
But, the scenario is a little bit different here. The configuration of the additional bundle products has only one way. It's forced to PURCHASE. Otherwise, this option should be disabled. If there is any SKIP button on the Additional Bundled Products page, we can offer to purchase our other packages there.

Additionally, there can be an option on the package configuration page by which the admin can set the priority of the Additional Package such as SKIPABLE & MANDATORY.

Please consider this feature on the Additional Bundled Products page.



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Recently I have encountred with same issue;
I think we should have skip button.


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I think until Skip button considers in bundled package;
better to consider "Remove from cart" in Step 3.
Currently bundled packages couldn't remove ;