Planned Sub-Account

Clients every day ask us why we can't give access to our technical or designer with lower permission ;
I don't think this feature be available soon because 6.6 is close and will publish soon.
It's very important and every day we have request to give limited access to someone in client accounts;
But still this feature under review in CE team.
It's a very important feature that should be available in Clientexec. Many clients ask how they give cPanel permission to their developer. We suggested sharing the credential only. But, it's not a good way to deal as leaking credentials may have risks. The tech world is going to be passwordless by integrating third-party sign-up or login facilities such as using Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on. This one is also missing. But, it can be the easiest way to sign up for the new customer as human nature is much lazier to do extra staff. Besides, it's a more powerful way to manage the system.
Thank you all for your feedback on this.

This would be an awesome feature to implement. 7.0 is already feature-locked, however, we will look into getting this into a future version after 7.0.

hope you can ref whmcs's feature.

1. their old feature - the main account can have mutiple sub accounts.
2. their new feature - each main account can be added as sub account to manage many main accounts.

hope you can take more check,and let us to migrate existing sub accounts from whmcs to clientexec well.