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    Taxes Round Down Rather than Up

    Hi, I have found it was an issue with how javascript language does some calculations with numbers and simple operations. Aparently, for javascript: 1.0675 - 1 = 0.0674999999999999 I have already solved this issue. So, just to be clear to know if there are other issues to be fixed for the...
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    Taxes Round Down Rather than Up

    Hi, I am currently running a local test to then work on a fix. Thanks for reporting it.
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    Square Payments

    This has been resolved.
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    Domain is already registered?

    Hi, Please unzip the attached file and place the content on: /library/CE/3rdparty/cWhois/cwhois.php Thanks.
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    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    I understand what you mean, but saying that it is the way WHMCS does it does not means we have to do it the same way. When you upgrade/downgrade a package, you can select any billing cycle available for it, etc. So, even if it were prorating to the next due date, there is no warranty that the...
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    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    This is not possible at the moment. The way the Upgrade/Downgrade Package was designed is to work like placing a new order and giving some prorated credit to the client for his previous package if configured to do so.
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    Date format for packages on Invoices

    Hi @aarondwyer Please take a look at the following Knowledge Base Article: Invoice Entry Date Range Format
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    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    Hi Haddi, I am not sure if I understand your question well, but we have implemented the following settings that you can configure to match your needs:
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    Domain Registrar renew domain after domain expired

    There is a setting called Auto-Renew Offset It is located in Settings > Products > Domains Set the Auto-Renew Offset setting to All
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    Being Investigated WYSIWYG editor remove <div> tag after it saves;

    An alternative solution to this is to use <span> instead of <div>
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    Discount Coupon for invoice

    This is something we really want to add, but it is not on the plans yet. Meanwhile, you can add a discount o an invoice by directly adding an invoice entry with a negative amount.
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    Exclude packages from autosuspend

    That is already available from the client package. Go to the client profile, then Packages, click on the respective package, and on General tab, go to Override Auto Suspend, and set it to Yes. Press the Update Package button and you are done.