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    Notification and EventHandler

    Hello, Did you able to develop it?
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    Adding IP submission form for CSF Unlock

    Hello, Thanks for providing such a fantastic feature with Clientexec. We all know the CSF unlock is working to unban user IP, which is a self-service. But, the procedure on Clintexec is needed a slight bit of modification. At present, the IP is detected automatically and working for only the...
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    Some Features Request for The Live Chat

    Hello, The built-in live chat widget is one of the unique features of Clientexec. I know it's on the beta version and you have a plan to improve it. Here are some feature suggestions for this. At present, the chat history cannot be saved. Please add the functionality to keep the chat history or...
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    Planned Skip Button on Additional Bundled Products Page

    Hello, Thank you so much for the 6.4.1 release with a fresh & clean UI. This feature is related to optimize the order page. On the configuration page of the Shared Web Hosting package, an option called Include Additional Bundled Products can be found. With the help of this option, we can offer...
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    Clientexec 6.4 Stable Now Available!

    Thank you so much for the stable update.
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    6.4.0 Beta 3 Now Available!

    Thank you so much.
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    Adding WHO Protection Function

    Yes. It was about that.
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    Price Updater

    The idea is not bad. It could be a good solution to change the pricing at a time. Changing prices one by one is totally a boring method.
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    I need dynadot domain register module

    Hello, Kindly check this thread. I hope, this will help you to understand what's going on with this module.
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    !Important!: Domain Reseller API and module

    The full package of the Domain Management system! If the developer team of registrars will work with the Clientexec team then it'll be easier to develop and maintain in future.
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    !Important!: Domain Reseller API and module

    Do you want to add these functionalities in the future upgrade of Clientexec?
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    Marketplace for ClientExec

    Hello, Thanks for replying to me. I understand the busy time you are spending. I appreciate your hard work. It made me happy to know that it'll be launched! Besides, not only I but also all the users of ClientExec are now excited to get version 7!
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    Marketplace for ClientExec

    Hello, We all know that there's a huge change is coming in this year of ClientExec. The UI will be more modern looking and more new features will be added which is a good sign for both ClientExec and web hosting providers around the world. We can expect that the userbase of ClientExec will rise...