Add Fund


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please ad this feature to client portal and admin part;
This will help clients and admins to receive funds and use that fund in clients invoices;
@CE-Matt You have recently added this feature ( Enable / Disable auto payment ) to Clientexec and working properly ( )

I think it's not difficult if you consider feature of "Add funds" to client portal.
Just select amount and create a new invoice for clients ; after payment this value should be under Credit and mark it as credited;
Clients could use available credit for every invoice they want;

Please review this request and scenario with your team ; it's useful feature .
Dude, that feature is already in core, and has been for two years.
We are speaking about add funds from client portal not from Admin Area;
In this case clients could add funds into the clientportal and use it from renew and paying their invoices.
Yeah, sorry ... Missed that. I do have a customer that I set up that way, but I'm not sure how I made it work ...