Feature request for the Affiliate system


Thank you so much for releasing the affiliate system with Clientexec 6.6. The billing system is improving day by day because of your hard work. As a Clientexec user, I appreciate it. I believe one day, it will be the favourite billing system in the Web Hosting industry. The team is much helpful.

Under the affiliate system, I found two types of affiliations,
  1. One-time
  2. Recurring
  • But, the system of setting the commission is needed improvement.
  • Currently, it cannot be set different commissions for the different types. Also, it cannot be set commissions for the first time & recurring for the Recurring Affiliation.

An affiliation system can help to increase the sell. An attractive commission system makes it happen. So, please consider adding these two features to the affiliation system. It'll be an attractive feature for Clientexec's new clients too.

Thanks again.