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Thank you so much for releasing the affiliate system with Clientexec 6.6. The billing system is improving day by day because of your hard work. As a Clientexec user, I appreciate it. I believe one day, it will be the favourite billing system in the Web Hosting industry. The team is much helpful.

Under the affiliate system, I found two types of affiliations,
  1. One-time
  2. Recurring
  • But, the system of setting the commission is needed improvement.
  • Currently, it cannot be set different commissions for the different types. Also, it cannot be set commissions for the first time & recurring for the Recurring Affiliation.

An affiliation system can help to increase the sell. An attractive commission system makes it happen. So, please consider adding these two features to the affiliation system. It'll be an attractive feature for Clientexec's new clients too.

Thanks again.
Thank you very much for the progress of the affiliation system.

I would like to make a recommendation so that in the future they take it into account when calculating the commission percentage based on the subtotal and not the total, because there are cases in which the invoice bears the tax and the commission would be paid on the tax.

At least in my country, any commission payment is made on the subtotal of the invoice, and one is only a tax withholder for income administration. Therefore commission is paid on the subtotal

Thanks, it's just a suggestion.
Sigo teniendo problemas con el módulo comisiones de afiliados . Alguien me puede decir como solucionarlo. ¿Será que el sistema está bloqueado porque hice pruebas como si fuera alguien que hizo clic en el enlace de afiliado para verificar el sistema? ¿Podría haberlo bloqueado?

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I keep having problems with the affiliate commissions module. Can someone tell me how to fix it. Could it be that the system is locked because I tested as if I was someone who clicked on the affiliate link to verify the system? Could I have blocked it?

I attached the screenshot
Contact with the dev team.