Prorate charges for early cancelation


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Sometimes we have multi-year contracts where if the client cancels early, they have to pay a reduced rate of the remainder of months left in the contract.

This would have to be set up at the package level pricing and recurring charge screens.

( ) Yes ( ) No Charge Early Termination Fee?
[ 0.00 ] Monthly prorate fee?
[ 0.00%] Monthy prorate percentage.

[Term of contract (months)] - [Used Months] = [ Remainder Contract months]

[$ Prorate Fee or %] x [ Remainder Contract months] = [$ Early Close Fee]

Customer Experience

When they cancel their contract for service, they are presented with a screen showing them to cancel the account, they'll have to pay the Early Close Fee amount first.
After they make payment, the service is canceled and no future billing occurs, along with email receipt and confirmation sent to the client.