feature request

  1. srsakib

    Default Nameserver Functionality for Domain Name

    Hello, Currently, if any client changes the default Nameservers for a domain, then it's hard to go back to the default Nameservers for him. So, this problem can be resolved by adding the functionality to choose "Default Nameservers" & "Customer Nameservers". If a client will choose the Default...
  2. srsakib

    Planned Establishing a commission structure for affiliates based on packages

    Hello, Thanks for launching the affiliation feature. Currently, the commission system for affiliates is fixed for all packages. It will be more flexible for us if we set the commission package-wise. Please consider this feature to make Clientexec unique from others. Thank you.
  3. C

    Completed NEW! Cloudflare Turnstile Frictionless CAPTCHA

    Cloudflare now offers its own CAPTCHA, named Turnstile, after promoting hCAPTCHA. One of the significant drawbacks of CAPTCHA is the injection of friction into the user experience on a web page affecting conversion rates. Cloudflare Turnstile addresses this issue by drawing on its massive...
  4. sitepape

    Reason for Cancellation

    I am providing a free web hosting services : HostGreet.com Where i have to cancel multiple orders daily due to several reasons, but there is no option to add cancellation reason. Kindly add a field for cancellation reason.
  5. P

    Planned FraudRecord for ClientExec

    Hello, FraudRecord is free fraud checking system. As per their website: "Companies can report unpleasant clients to FraudRecord, and access our database to read the information provided by other companies." This is a very useful module, and it can be helpful for CE users. Thanks,
  6. K

    What is the current status of Clientexec 7 update?

    In some of you article i saw clientexec 7 will release in Q2 of 2021 but now it Q1 of 2022 and there is limitations for payment gateways in india only razorpay and ccavenue is major option why not other like cashfree,payu and other and CWP integration is not working for me in admin panel there...
  7. C

    Completed Add hCaptcha as a Security Option

    Please consider replacing or adding the option for hCaptcha which reduces Google's collection of web traffic for those that don't want them to have it, plus hCaptcha is more refined. Cloudflare switched to hCaptcha for better performance. https://www.hcaptcha.com/
  8. C

    SaSS Product Type

    Hosting is evolving, it's going into many different kinds of services, many that are billed by the number of "user seats." For the longest time, we've manually entered these charges using the recurring billing tab, but now it's not efficient and it doesn't work for clients to sign-up on the...
  9. C

    Prorate charges for early cancelation

    Sometimes we have multi-year contracts where if the client cancels early, they have to pay a reduced rate of the remainder of months left in the contract. This would have to be set up at the package level pricing and recurring charge screens. ( ) Yes ( ) No Charge Early Termination Fee? [...