SaSS Product Type


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Hosting is evolving, it's going into many different kinds of services, many that are billed by the number of "user seats."

For the longest time, we've manually entered these charges using the recurring billing tab, but now it's not efficient and it doesn't work for clients to sign-up on the frontend.

We need a new product type for SaSS types services, such as 3rd Party Email Hosting, Cyber Security Services, User Authentication Services which are sold based on the number of users.

How it should work...


Ability to add a product type as SaSS.

Pricing should be per user.

Setup Price

Prorate feature.

Have the ability to connect the product to a module/API to provision the service.

Frontend User Experience

The client should be able to select the service, add the number of users, and add it to their cart.

When the service is activated, a customized email for that service should be sent to the user.

Later on, as the client's situation dictates, they should be able to log in to their account and increase or decrease the number of licenses, and be charged accordingly.