Upgrade Stripe Checkout to v3


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We need the integration to Stripe Checkout to be upgraded to the latest version for continued payment security. I want to minimize my risk as a business owner within the checkout process and the best way I can see that being is by sending the customer to a Stripe generated checkout page and then a redirection back afterward.

The payment API on Stripe's dashboard no longer generates card_xxx but instead is pm_xxx and can make things a bit harder to remedy if something goes wrong from the CE dashboard.

Not to mention the further we make changes to the CE interface, the further the payment method looks further outdated in comparison, UI-wise.


Staff member
Hi Shane,

As far as I know, we're using the latest version of Checkout. It should redirect your client to their checkout page and then back to your CE.

If you're seeing something different with your install, please open a support ticket so we can take a look.