payment processor

  1. robertjankuilema

    Stripe Checkout iDeal

    Hello, Is there anyone who can intergrade the iDeal payment in Stripe Checkout? It would be great i tried it my self but i didn't get it worked. Kind regards!
  2. shanehicks

    ACH Payment Processors

    Continuing to pay gateway providers is really starting to get pretty expensive. 2.9% (vs Stripe's 0.8%, capped at $5 fee) gets pretty high when you start doing larger transactions. I just received access to Stripe's ACH payment method, but it's not compatible with our CE's version of the API. I...
  3. K

    Razorpay Payment Gateway not working

    I gave Api keys and enabled the razorpay payment gateway but when comes to paying using razor pay the place order button doesn't works it stuck with nothing
  4. shanehicks

    Upgrade Stripe Checkout to v3

    We need the integration to Stripe Checkout to be upgraded to the latest version for continued payment security. I want to minimize my risk as a business owner within the checkout process and the best way I can see that being is by sending the customer to a Stripe generated checkout page and then...