WYSIWYG Editor for Support Tickets


New Member
Dear CE Team,

I propose introducing a WYSIWYG editor to our support ticketing system to improve the efficiency and quality of our customer support. This tool would simplify ticket submission for clients and enhance response effectiveness for support agents.

The WYSIWYG editor right here looks great and is easy to read.

Client Benefits:
  • Intuitive formatting tools for clearer issue descriptions.
  • Ability to include visuals, leading to fewer misunderstandings.
Agent Benefits:
  • Faster issue comprehension and resolution.
  • Professional, consistent, and enriched responses with embedded media.
Shared Advantages:
  • Decreased resolution times and improved satisfaction rates.
  • Enhanced documentation for future reference and training.
Implementing a WYSIWYG editor promises a streamlined, user-friendly support process that benefits all parties involved.

I appreciate your attention to this request and hopefully can be implemented in the coming releases.

Very much appreciated.