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    Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1 Released

    We are pleased to announce the release of Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1, which can be downloaded here. As this is a Beta version, this is meant for testing only, and not to be run in production, but should be stable to do so. For more information, please see the blog post here.
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Virtualizor requires the template id, not name when passing it. The OS custom fields should be something like "Cent OS 7.x(1), CentOS 8.x(2)" etc.
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Nothing in there. We will look into the ticket and get back to you.
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Support Virtualizor Plugin

    You could try enabling logging at level 4 ( and see if anything is logged. You can also just open a support ticket and ask for it to be assigned to me, and I'll debug this for you. I would need CE...
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    Vultr Module

    We will look into this and see what we can do to add it in a future release.
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    Centos Web Panel

    Hi, This was added in the 6.0 release. Look for "control web panel" when creating a server in Clientexec.
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Support Virtualizor Plugin

    Virtualizor support has been added for 6.1.0 and is available to beta test from
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    Email History in the Admin section of a client's profile has been added for our next major release.
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    Third Party Pluginn Support

    I have sent them an email, and will keep you updated when I have more information.
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    How to Add Logo in Invoices

    Hi, You can upload your company invoice to images/invoicelogo.jpg or images/invoicelogo.png and it'll be included in the PDF invoices. Something seems off with the date if it's showing Jan 1970. Can you open a support ticket at...
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    Third Party Pluginn Support

    Hey, Have a look at plugins/ssl/enomssl/PluginEnomssl.php. This should be open source and give you the starting point for a plugin. Mainly, the doPurchase function is what is called when CE activates (purchases) an SSL certificate. You will also need to implement a doParseCSR function, which...
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    Remove Intercom Chat

    1) Please open a support ticket and let us know the domain and we can remove it from our end. 2) You'll need to edit templates/default/index.phtml for the public side, and templates/admin/index.phtml for the admin side. Is there any reason you'd prefer to have them locally hosted instead of...
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    [Completed for 6.1.0] Email History - Admin

    If you are using the default template, it should be there under "Welcome Client Name" -> Email History. If it's not there, make sure the client group has access to View Email History (Settings -> Users _> Customer Groups). If it's still not there, please open a support ticket so we can...
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    Style Customization

    Hi, The best way is how Hadi mentioned. Create a new template directory and copy over any file you need to modify. Any file you don't copy over will get loaded from the default template, so this makes upgrades easier (you only need to worry about files you've modified). If it would make...
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    Mailchimp integration

    Can you be more specific on how this should work?