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    Issue with DomainNameAPI plugin

    Hi, We would need you to either open a support ticket or attach logs at level 4 ( so we can see what is happening.
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    package with addons and clients select none for each addons

    More information on addon prices and invoice visibility can be found at
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    Not A Bug GET parameter named couponcode to apply coupons automatically

    I've just tested this and it's working for me. Please open a support ticket with CE Admin and FTP access so we can debug this for you.
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    Not A Bug GET parameter named couponcode to apply coupons automatically

    It should be "couponCode" not "couponcode".
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    Planned Enable currency exchange rate even if it's a custom rate

    We are planning a proper currency exchange rate system for our 7.0 release.
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    Planned Linode Addons

    Hi, This is something we will be looking to implement after the 6.3.0 release.
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    Planned Upgrade Package in Action Button

    Hi, This is actually something that is in the works for 6.3.0
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    Completed quick access to ticket department

    Hi, This can already be done, in one of two ways: 1) Send "messagetype" as a GET parameter and use the Ticket Type ID. 2) Send "tickettype" as a GET parameter and use the name of the ticket type. index.php?fuse=support&controller=ticket&view=submitticket&messagetype=1...
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    Planned Plugin request SSL provider

    A Plugin for GoGetSSL is currently being considered for our 6.3 release.
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    Feature Requests

    In order to better gauge community interest and address each item clearly, can you please create a separate thread per each request.
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    Read Before Posting

    Please only post 1 feature request per thread. This allows the thread to focus solely on the requested feature and allows us to gauge community interest in the feature, allowing us to prioritize the request. Please make sure you use the search feature to ensure that your request doesn't...
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    Not A Bug Stripe problem, one-time payments, no CC modal

    This was addressed in a support ticket and was a configuration issue.
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    Planned show product status in searches in Admin Portal

    This will be added in a future release.
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    Planned Attach multiple files when Open Support ticket in Admin Portal

    The admin re-design will take this into account.
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    Coupon Code in URL

    As long as you are using 6.2 you can send couponCode=code in the URL.