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    Price Updater

    Hello Please add price importer/updater for all plans in Import Tab. In my scenario, we create a CSV file with specific columns include PlanID, Price, Cycle. It could simply include domain extensions. Thanks
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    Please open a support ticket or use slack community. I never used DA with CE
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    I am interested in but never tested it before; please see this link
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    Add ServerName to Hosting Package List

    Hello Please add server name to this list ; In some cases we need to find and sort which domain and hosting are on specific server and we can't find list without running sql queries; Thanks
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    "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal

    Hello Maybe it's not acceptable for many peoples but I saw many peoples ask us where is "submit a ticket"; I recommend having Optional Setting for having "Submit Ticket" on top menu in the client portal. Thanks
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    response issue in

    Hello There is a responsive problem for links When we open links on mobile or devices with a smaller size, the left menu is invisible. Better to handle this by adding a drop-down at the top or the Menu button to respond to the problem. I found a good example for...
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    [Added in 6.1.0] Mass payment

    Hello Thanks to Clientexec team for adding this feature in 6.1
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    Clientexec 6.1.0 Beta 1 Released

    It was great Thanks
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    German language pack?

    Hello It's very simple ; start it with poedit and translate to any language you want ; Thanks
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    description field for Ticket Types

    Hello Please consider a description under ticket types to describe for clients and guest about the different type of departments; It should be additional field in admin panel when we define"TicketTypes" Many clients and guest doesn't understand from dropdown which department is suitable for...
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    which package are using "Override AutoSuspend"

    Hi Please add a custom column which shows us which packages are using "Override AutoSuspend" Thanks
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    Public view ticket for guest without login

    Hello Please make it possible to guest view their ticket in the website without login; It could be very useful for the relationship with guest clients who doesn't intend login for view and reply tickets. Thanks
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    Additional class for words in client portal

    Hello Please add additional class for words like "active" , "cancelled","unpaid" ,"paid" , " closed", "open" , "waiting for client" and etc So your current clients could customize their client portal interface with custom css and provide more beautiful panel to clients; For example below...
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    Upgrade package automatically in client portal

    Hello Please add the upgrade button for client portal in the same product group. It also could calculate upgrade price and after that upgrade it automatically. Thanks
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    Add "Back to Website" link in Client Portal Menu

    Hello I saw some client portal has an item in their menu for example profile menu to "Back to website" We can have this if possible. Thanks