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    Extra pages within admin section

    It would be good if we could have The ability to add and manage extra pages within the admin section. The extra pages could be used for anything from, about, terms and conditions, terms of policy, or any other use.
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    Main Menu and User Menu within admin section

    It would be really good if we could manage the main menu and user menu within the admin section. We could rearrange menus and submenus, add extra menus and submenus, add icons to the menus and submenus, overwrite links for the main menus and seubmenus, and so on. For the user menu, we could...
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    Square Payments

    I am trying to charge a customer with square payments and it's giving me this error Exception when calling CustomersApi-›create Payment: [HTTP/2 4001 (errors": [l"code": "EXPECTED _INTEGER"," detail": "Expected an integer value (line 1, character 109)", field": "amount_money.amount"" category"...
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    Square Payment

    I've worked it out, having float: left on the .third class breaks the form and makes it impossible to enter anything in the input fields. See code below: .third { float: left; width: calc((100% - 33px) / 3); padding: 0; margin: 0 16px 16px 0; }
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    Square Payment

    Hi I'm trying to use squre payments but i'm having a problem, It will only let me enter the card number. The expire date, CCV number and postal are there but it will not let me eneter anything on the input fielded, its like its diabled. Can any one help.
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    Resellerclub plugin

    Hi How do you set the default nameservice for Resellerclub plugin? I've set default at the Resellerclub control panel but it's still setting the nameservers to something completely different.
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    Language translation

    I'm not sure why it was decided to go down this root for the language options, but I really hope they change it for something way simply for further releases.
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    Language translation

    I followed this article to the letter and it still doesn't work for me.
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    Language translation

    Hi I followed the instructions on how to make a new translation but no matter what I do it just will not work. I used poedit and I used to directly translate my edits from core-en.po to make core-en_gb.po and and it just will not work. Am I...
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    Order Forms

    Hi How do you change the comparison icons from included to not included? Please see attached picture. Also in the default view, how do you make it look like the attached picture?
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    Hi Is there a way to have the emails history not be encrypted when saved to the database?
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    Domain prices

    Hi Is there a way to fetch the price for a domain TLD? I have a banner on the home page but I don't want to have to keep changing the prices every time so what I want is to fetch the prices. Like if I want to show the price for 1 year for .com. Please have a look here at
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    Domain Search

    Hi the code works but I had to change the bit where it says 'order.php?step=0&productGroup=' to 'order.php?step=1&productGroup=' for it to work. thanks for the help.
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    Domain Search

    Hi I want to have a domain search filed on my home page banner, is there any way to make one? Something like the screenshot.
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    Clientexec 6.4.1 Maintenance Release

    Domain purchasing margin/padding from top and bottom when you are not signed in as a customer isn't corrected, also maybe when you are not signed in aso..! The sign-in page margin/padding also isn't corrected.