Completed NEW! Cloudflare Turnstile Frictionless CAPTCHA

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Cloudflare now offers its own CAPTCHA, named Turnstile, after promoting hCAPTCHA.

One of the significant drawbacks of CAPTCHA is the injection of friction into the user experience on a web page affecting conversion rates.

Cloudflare Turnstile addresses this issue by drawing on its massive traffic and security analysis and only requires a single click for simple verification if at all, depending on your settings.

OpenAI currently uses Turnstile on ChatGPT to validate humans if you want to test it out.

Adding Turnstile as a new feature is simple and could be done in minutes by following the dev documentation.

Migrating from hCaptcha

Basically duplicate the hCaptcha code and change a few lines, and you have a new CAPTCHA option.
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