Completed Add hCaptcha as a Security Option

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Please consider replacing or adding the option for hCaptcha which reduces Google's collection of web traffic for those that don't want them to have it, plus hCaptcha is more refined.

Cloudflare switched to hCaptcha for better performance.

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This is a bit of a bigger change, but we do have a planned task to change our captcha integration over to a plugins system (like how server plugins, or registrar plugins work) which will allow for additional types of captcha's to be used.

I do not have an ETA for this change right now though.
This is being added in our 6.6.0 release.

We've also changed the way Captcha's work, and they are now "plugins" (like a server plugin, gateway plugin, etc), so you can extend this to add other types. 6.6.0 will include reCaptcha v2 and hCaptcha.