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    Addons for a package

    Sorry still confused, which option to choose, I want this option : If you DO NO want the customer to see the addon option in every invoice even if free (Price 0.00) then do what ? Is it to have field/row called None with 0 value set to Month column ?
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    Payment Overdue emails - where is the setting to disable sending it ?

    Hi, Where can i disable sending of payment overdue emails out ? I cannot find the option to edit the template or even disable sending of overdue notices. Is it possible to stop sending overdue notices after 2 reminders have been sent ? There are just too many emails going out at times it seems...
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    Addons for a package

    Hi, So if i add addons such as for example backups etc. they get added to the entire group and all users on that plan get the addon added - example none for 0 $ etc. I am not sure if that's right ? For me, if i were to addon a product or item to my order it should only then appear in my...
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    Completed Upgrade Package in Action Button

    Yes i agree, and i do not recall if there is an option to add more addon's to an existing package or even select that by a client if they later decide to have an addon. Not package upgrade but an addon - such as remote backups option, dedicated ip etc. This way it can get appended to the invoice...
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    Ability to see quickly which clients are on a specific package/plan

    Hi, Doing a bit of cleanup on various accounts and packages, running into the issue of being able to quickly identify for each individual pacakge which clients are on it. There is option to see "Which group" has what clients, similar feature but for each package part of a subgroup would be...
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    Dashboard - rearrange items

    It be nice to have the option to rearrange the dashboard items, so if a person wants can put the pending orders at the top of the list, or even have 2 column design option.
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    Under Consideration add date to credit balance

    Date ? Sorry what you mean ? Credits you want to expire after a certain date ?
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    Planned Two Factor Authentication for Client's ID

    Please add MFA to CE login, for those wanting extra security. Admin accounts especially, maybe have an option to force this for any support/staff who might have admin access so their accounts don't get used to terminate/remove accounts by unwanted and unauthorized users. Thanks
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    Not A Bug Issue with Suspension of Account option

    Oh cool, so automate services will take care of all that for failed payments or late payments etc. That's a relief to be frank. But yes it was a good feature and i think should be brought back, as it makes more sense to have 1 button and not confuse the users. Example there used to be a suspend...
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    I switched to DA, didnt test yet, but will soon, however i am unable to suspend/cancel etc. the packages using the package update button, so maybe i might be in the same boat as yourself.
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    SMS verification for new clients

    I do not recall if challenge via email is possible. Not sure how difficult it would be to code such that we use email to txt verification feature. So have your server send out an email to [email protected] , most users have email2txt feature enabled. So, maybe that could be...
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    Is there any features like two factor authentication in Clientexec?

    I agree - I vote for this a well, WHMCS has the option and I really like it, especially when you have an adminstrator account that has the power to suspend or delete accounts. Such an account should be protected by MFA.
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    Not A Bug Issue with Suspension of Account option

    Hi, Have DirectAdmin as the panel and the account suspension via the profile for the account is not triggering the back-end plugin to suspend the accounts. However if you manually choose the plugin action button (top right) to suspend the site or unsuspend even works. Not sure what is...